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Moving day

The canines move to a new town and get settled in.

Bathtubs and Registrations

Random has trouble sleeping and Lightning registers the house

Shopping With a Slice of Pizza

The trio goes shopping for clothes, when a minor conflict occurs when they run into a mysterious fox at the store... AND the pizza parlor!

Into The Woods

As Lightning is passed out in the woods, she has a brief flashback to her life before she found Random and Rocky. Rocky notices that Lights has been gone for too long and Random goes to find her.

The Big Fight (But not Really)

Random and Rocky get enrolled in school and make a few friends.... and enemies. Lightning gets a job at IHOP.

Dreams and Questions

Lightning works, Random gets some visitors, they both get warflashbacks and then they talk on the couch.


Random Chills in the Kitchen and Lightning makes a friend.

Just a Meeting

Reaper and Neo do sum suspicious shit, Lightning and Shadow have a sleepover, and Random wants his pancakes.

The Seminar

A year goes by and noting much happens until a strange commercial for a group no one's heard of keeps airing. Suddenly that group has grown and is now looking for members. Lightning goes to check what all the fuss is about. Random stays home. And what the hell happened to Reaper???

Taken Prisoner

Kol takes Lights on a date and then bad things happen to Random

The Trial

Random gets put on trial and Lightning tries to cope

Things That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong

Friendships are tested. Trust is broken. Enemies are reunited. People snap. Masks are off. Things can and will always get worse.